Isn’t it amazing to see God at work? He prepares us with little experiences along the way that grow into bigger opportunities to serve Him. That describes me—Sasha Walters. I am the owner and designer of Designer Bible Drill, founded in August 2010.

In 2002, I was a parent of a Bible driller in North Carolina. Since 2003, I have started the Bible Drill program in five Southern Baptist churches, located in two states, and affiliated with three different state conventions. I have helped several other churches implement their Bible Drill program, and I continue to teach all three levels of Bible Drill in my home church.

I have two children who have participated in Bible Drill since their 4th grade year. My daughter and son were the Texas State Youth Champions, in 2008 and 2010, respectively. Both advanced to the National Bible Drill competition. My son was the High School State Winner in 2013, and placed 2nd at the National Drill. Both received college scholarships for Bible Drill at the state level. So our family has been involved in all levels of Bible Drill, as drillers, parents, leaders, even callers and judges sometimes. We love Bible Drill!

I am always looking for ways to help my students improve their memory skills and enthusiasm for learning and applying God’s Word. I designed and used these BookItLookIts for years in my own church Bible Drill programs before God provided the opportunity to share this concept and learning method with other churches and families. All my students have enjoyed learning from them. Pairing them with the matching Scripture Pictures has been a great mnemonics combination. And who came up with the names for “Scripture Pictures” and “BookItLookIts”? My kids, of course!

2013 National Bible Drill

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  1. Our church has participated in Bible Drills for two years. Last year we stumbled upon Bookit Lookit. Our kids love it. It’s easy, convenient, and has given our kids an opportunity to share their faith with other kids. They take their folders to school and get lots of curious questions about them. It opens a conversation to share Christ and invite them to church!

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