BookItLookIts & Scripture Pictures! Red Cycle 1 for 2015 Available Now!

Designer Bible Drill offers CDs with original PDF files to make BookItLookIts & Scripture Pictures & Flash Cards with all the Bible Drill verses for this year’s cycle. A detailed Instruction Guide, checklist, Bible books list, and nametag labels are also included. Print what you need!

What is a BookItLookIt? A book YOU create from file folders and colorful cardstock designs with Bible Drill verses!

And Scripture Pictures? 8.5” x 11” colorful posters that match the BookItLookIt designs and duplicates can be used for matching games and unlimited possibilities!

Why BookItLookIt? You Book It (make the book), then you Look It (look at it) to learn your Bible verses! BookItLookIts can supplement your current Bible Drill program or add some games and practice drills to the BookItLookIt for a complete program. No Bible Drill program? Anyone can use a BookItLookIt to easily learn Scripture! [Click on the pictures below for a closeup look.]

Bible versions available for Children, Youth, and High School Bible Drill are HCSB®, KJV and NIV®.

Children's Sample

Children’s Sample

Youth Sample

Youth Sample

High School Sample

High School Sample

Although products were designed to complement the Bible Drill programs in Southern Baptist churches and rotate on a three-year cycle of verses and passages, anyone that desires a fun, creative, colorful and unique way to practice memorizing Scripture will benefit!!! Churches, homeschoolers, families, Christian schools, just to name a few, can easily use these materials to promote Scripture memory.

————Everyone Is A Winner When They Memorize God’s Word———

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